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An accelerated planning system

This consultation seeks views on proposals to:1. introduce a new Accelerated Planning Service for major commercial applications with a decision time in 10 weeks and fee refunds if this is not met
Categories: ALGAO:UK; ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

Consultation: Additional flexibilities to support development

Full title: Consultation on additional flexibilities to support housing delivery, the agricultural sector, businesses, high streets and open prisons; and a call for evidence on nature-based solutions, farm efficiency projects and diversification
Categories: ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

Consultation: Changes to various permitted development rights

This consultation contains a number of proposed changes to permitted development rights.
Categories: ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

Consultation on Protecting Hedgerows

Hedgerows are important ecological building blocks across our landscapes. They provide habitat, act as wildlife corridors, slow soil erosion and water run-off, support crop pollinators and sequester carbon.
Categories: ALGAO:England; Countryside

Society of Antiquaries - The Future of Archaeology in England: A Manifesto

In November 2020 the Society of Antiquaries published a paper called The Future of Archaeology in England: A Manifesto on how to improve use of the results of developer funded archaeological work.
Categories: ALGAO:England

National Planning Policy Framework and National Model Design Code Consultation

A recent consultation response has been submitted by Lis Dyson on behalf of ALGAO:England and Planning and Legislation Committee.
Categories: ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure

This technical consultation seeks views on proposals for:
Categories: ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

Consultation: Planning for the Future White Paper August 2020

The consultation for the Planning for the Future white paper is now closed.
Categories: ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

Changes to the Current Planning System (England)

This consultation sets out proposals for measures to improve the effectiveness of the current planning system. The 4 main proposals are:
Categories: ALGAO:England; Planning & legislation

ALGAO Consultation response - ELMs

A response was submitted by ALGAO to the recent consultation by DEFRA on the proposals for the new Environmental Land Management Scheme currently planned to come into effect in 2024.
Categories: ALGAO:England; Countryside