Regional Research Frameworks

The Regional Research Frameworks initiative, promoted by English Heritage, later Historic England, in collaboration with local authorities, provides an effective yet flexible structure for decision making regarding archaeological research. The three-stage structure envisaged by English Heritage in Frameworks for our Past (Olivier 1996) has been adopted, which sees the research framework as comprising:

  1. Resource Assessment: an overview of the current state of knowledge and understanding in the region.
  2. Research Agenda: recognition of the potential of the resource, gaps in our knowledge and an unprioritised list of research topics.
  3. Research Strategy: a prioritised list of research objectives (seen as flexible over time), furthered by implementing specific Research Projects.

In the light of the further knowledge gained from research and other projects, the agenda and strategy will be subject to continuing review.

Originally conceived as regional, additional frameworks on specific landscapes have also been produced. All frameworks are now available on a new website.

North East Regional Research Framework for the Historic Environment published 2006, revised 2018/19

North west England Regional Research Framework published 2006, revised 2018/19

South Yorkshire Historic Environment Research Framework published 2018/19

West Yorkshire Research Agendas published 2010

East Midlands Historic Environment Research Framework published 2006, revised 2012

Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Research Framework published 2011, revised 2016

West Midlands Research Framework published 2004

Worcestershire Research Framework for the Historic Environment published 2021

East of England Regional Research Framework published 2000, revised 2011 and 2020

Greater Thames Estuary Research Framework published 1999, revised 2010

South West England Archaeological Research Framework published 2006

Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site published 2016

Isles of Scilly Historic Environment Research Framework published 2012, revised 2019

South East Regional Research Framework published 2013, revised 2019

Research Framework for the Solent Thames sub region published 2014

A Research Framework for London Archaeology published 2001